1 Actor (John Garfield-Roberts), 1 School (Christs Hopsital, near Horsham - West Sussex,) 2 Years as Actor in residence, and this is my blog about, how im feeling and what im upto!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

new year - defo a new start

well as i write this it is my whole intention to write up this blog once a week, unfortunatly i have to rush away but i will try and recap what has happend over the last 3 months as i have settled into my job, new home etc!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Moving today

Well, my time up north has finally come to an end (well for the next two years anyway!) in 6 hours time i will move into my flat, in the grounds of CH, i will try and keep you as up to date with my goings on at the school as i can.

this is only a short post but i promise that i will be posting more in the not so distant future!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

24 Hours: slowly sinking in.

Only 24 Hours till i vist the school for a few days, to get a proper feel for the place, its only the last few days that its actually sunk in that I am leaving Manchester.Ive been so busy with the tour of An Evening with Gary Lineker that I havent really had time to think about leaving Manchester, it was only yesterday and this morning when I have been packing all my stuff into boxes that it actually hit home that today is my last and final day in manchester.

I was talking to a friend last night at a party and she asked me if i would miss manchester, and the honest answer is yes...but I know that God has something awesome lined up for me and at the moment I am realy looking forward to the change in my lifestyle and pace of life of living in a boarding school, one god thing is that i have friends less than 40minutes away from the school so i will not be going down south without any social network at all, which is a blessing, although i do know living in a ready made community its not going o be too hard to make new friends!

Im really looking forward to the next two days, spending time at the school, getting to know the teachers in the drama dept better and actually finding out a bit more about the school way of life, and what my Job will entail, then on Tuesday night im meeting up with Rob and we're going to see Avenue Q
in the West End something which i have been waiting to see for a few years since it came out on broadway! then head off to liverpool to do another perf of Lineker! a busy but exciting few days!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

A bit about the School

Christ's Hospital (also popularly known as the Bluecoat School, and also known by the nicknames Housey and CH) is a full board boarding school located in the countryside just south of Horsham, West Sussex, England. The school was originally founded in the 16th century in Blackfriars, London and Hertford.

Christ's Hospital is unique for a British independent school in that it still educates a large portion of its students for free, this stems from its founding charter as a charitable school. School fees are paid on a means-tested basis, with substantial subsidies paid by the school so that students from all walks of life are able to have a comprehensive, high quality, public school education that would otherwise be beyond the means of their parents.

In 2005, just over 20% of parents paid nothing at all and about one third paid less than £250 per year per child. The entrance process uses exams and interviews and prefers to award school places to those who show academic potential that would benefit from the high quality enviroment that the school offers to those that would otherwise not be able to afford it. The number of pupils that pay the full fee (~£17,050) is limited to 6% of the School population.


Christ’s Hospital was the result of the vision of King Edward VI, assisted by Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London, and Sir Richard Dobbs, Lord Mayor of London. Its genesis was the earlier dissolution of the monasteries and the resultant overflow onto the streets of the poor and destitute. Encouraged by a sermon from Ridley, exhorting mercy to the poor, the King wrote to the Lord Mayor encouraging him to action. This he did via a committee of 30 merchants. Henry VIII had already granted the use of Greyfriars to the City for the relief of the poor and Edward granted The Palace of Bridewell, his lands of the Savoy and rents and other chattels to create three Royal Hospitals – Bridewell Hospital (now now King Edward's School at Witley, Surrey), St Thomas Hospital and Christs Hospital, which was for the education of poor children.

The first boys and girls entered the School in Newgate in 1552. The Royal Charter was granted and signed by its Founder, Edward VI, the following year.

The School occupied Newgate as its major site for 350 years, but from time to time children were housed in other parts of the country, especially after the Great Fire of London made parts of the School uninhabitable. Eventually, the girls settled at Hertford and the boys were relocated from Newgate to the purpose built site in Horsham in 1897. The Foundation stone was laid by Edward, Prince of Wales on 23 October 1897, on behalf of the Sovereign, the date being the anniversary of the birthday of the Founder.

Christ’s Hospital was bestowed with its second Royal Charter by Charles II in 1673. This Charter specifically created the Royal Mathematical School whose original purpose was to train mathematicians and navigators who would progress into careers as Naval officers or merchant seafarers. Samuel Pepys, Secretary to His Majesty’s Navy and later Vice President of Christ’s Hospital, featured strongly in his considerable contribution to Christ’s Hospital

Over the centuries Christ’s Hospital has continued to enjoy Royal patronage. His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge started a tradition of Royal Presidents in 1854. In 1919 His Majesty George V became the first Royal Patron, followed by His Majesty George VI in 1937 and Her Majesty the Queen in 1953. The magnanimous support of the City of London Corporation and Livery companies of the City (some 20 actively support children in the School) remains uninterrupted. Christ’s Hospital remains true to its Founder’s principles of supporting disadvantaged children and by remaining a School for the public.


The school is best known for the Tudor uniform: long blue coat, knee-breeches and yellow socks, and bands at the neck for boys, and a complementary uniform was introduced for girls on re-unification of the schools – knee length pleated skirt, summer jacket, yellow socks (for the juniors), and grey socks or grey/black tights for seniors, as well as the long coat in winter, and the bands. The nickname "Blue-coat School" comes from the blue coats worn by the students – however the nickname used within the school community itself is "Housey" and the long coat is called a housey coat.

Links with the City and the Lord Mayor of London are maintained, with an annual parade through the City of London on St Matthew's Day and a regular place in the Lord Mayor's Show.

One of the Christ's Hospital traditions is marching into lunch each day with the band.

The Start of Something New

Christs Hospital School, as of August/September this year, this will be my new home, an independent boarding school deep in the west Sussex countryside, about 5 miles from Horsham.

I will be taking up the post of Actor in Residence, where I shall be running Drama Classes, Directing productions and helping run the 500 Seat Courtyard Theatre.

I am really looking forward to starting although it will be hard to leave Manchester, a city that has in my heart become home, leaving so many great friends behind isn't going to be easy but I know that they are never that far away, plus I have friends in two directions from Horsham and no longer than an hour away so I wont be lonely, plus I've got the best support ever GOD.

that's all I can tell you at this stage, apart from I will be going back to the School on June 19th where I will be finalising my Job Description and signing the contracts, so I will update you more on the job and the school nearer the time. Oh and if you recognise the school that's because the 1st series of School of Rock with Gene Simmons on Channel 4 & E4 was filmed here!